Belén La Rivera is a typographer and graphic designer from Chile. She has worked and collaborated with Deutsch Inc NY, Department of Typographic Studies DET and Picta. Her work has been exhibited at the Type Directors Club, Society of Scribes and Biennial of Latin American Typeface Design. Editor of the book The Design that goes Unnoticed.

In 2015 she graduated from Type@Cooper Extended Program, a post-graduate certificate in typeface design at Cooper Union. After graduating, she became a Teacher Assistant for the Type@Cooper Condensed Program and “Principles of Typeface Design: Pen to Pixel” continuing education course.

She obtained her BFA in Graphic Design on 2011 from Catholic University of Chile, and after graduating she became an Assistant Professor in the same university.

For job inquiries and résumé you can write to belenlr@gmail.com.