43 Muestra Artesanía UC


Design of the visual identity for the 43th Traditional Crafts Exhibition, organized by the Crafts Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The fair gathered more than 120 artisans from all over the world specialized in several traditional techniques.

The work involved the overall graphic system and visuals that accompany the website and social media. This year, the fair’s theme was wood and the organization invited 20 special craftsmen from Latin America which showed and taught different ways of working with the material.

The visuals were based on the wood’s streaks from a microscopical–bird view starting point, as a way of emphasize the living quality of the wood (therefor, of the trees). The solid black background worked as a quiet link to all the different crafts that were exhibit during the fair.

The products range varied from print pieces (book, posters, out of home, and some small artworks like invitations, tickets and flyers), the front, and the identification pieces for all the artisans. The fair was builded by Amercanda and the overall layout by Diether Gothe.

Diseño de la identidad visual de la 43 Muestra Tradicional de Artesanía UC, organizada por el Programa de Artesanía de la Universidad Católica. El trabajo contempló el desarrollo de un sistema gráfico basado en la temática de la feria: la madera.

La construcción de la carpa y stands estuvieron a cargo de Amercanda y Diether Gothe.


Skills: Graphic Design, Lettering, Visual Identity
Client: Artesanía UC