Christmas Price Index

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Life-sized Gingerbread Branch to show the Annual Christmas Price Index from PNC Bank. The bank, made of real gingerbread, featured the 12 gifts from “The Twelve Day of Christmas” song using their prices as a financial reference. You can experience the Branch at the 360º tour here.


Banco construido con galleta de jengibre como parte de la campaña Price Index del Banco PNC.



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Client: PNC Financial Services Group
Chief Creative Officer: Kerry Keenan
Group Creative Director: Jeremy Bernstein
Senior Art Director: Alex Avis
Senior Copywriter: Justin Lee
Interactive Design Director: Aliza Adam
Designer, Illustrator: Lynne Yun
Designer: Belén La Rivera
Interactive Designer: Alex Miller
Fabrication: Design Compendium
Bakery: Bredenbeck’s
Photographer: Jeremiah Wilson

Skills: Graphic Design, Visual Identity
Client: PNC Financial Services Group